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one molded core drill bit (specifications of the core drill bit)

Summary: 又名取芯钻头或开孔器,钻头分类高速钢钻头,硬质合金钻头,钨钢钻头削切深度35MM或50MM适合钻机通用柄ALFRA阿尔法欧霸,E...

also known as the core drill, the drill bit or the drill bit, the hard alloy drill bit, the tungsten drill bit cut cut depth of 35mm or 50 mm suitable for drilling machine universal handle alfra alpha ou baba, eco europe. background of the invention 1. field of the invention this utility invention relates to a drill bit, and more particularly to a core drill bit background, existing core drill bit variety is more single, in a naked eye.

the score drill head construction is a description of the advertisement hd video, and the video main contents of the core of the video main contents are mapped in the 20180719. welcome to taobao strength wangpu, buy a hollow drill air core drill bit diamond 75mm steel sheet core drill metal drilling kit drill bit, this product is provided by u0 shop, there is a problem to consult the merchant directly.

search for the net taking the core drill channel to provide you with the market quotation information such as core drill bits, the phone and the merchants directly communicate directly, purchase the core drill products and services. technical field the present invention generally relates to a core drill bit for a drill for germplasm and a method of making and making and using such a drill, is usually used in rocks. and other formations.

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one-time finished hole diamond, anzhao tool technology 1983, 10th issue of magazine online reading article downloads a forming pore diamond, that is, drilled with a drill bit, especially when the processing non-standard hole does not have a special reamer, can directly drill out accuracy.