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what should i do if i can't afford a drill bit (take the core 158 drill bit taobao)

Summary: 顺着松钻头的方向找一个硬得东西用手锤击打,使他松开,记不住方向, 钣金厂 编辑分析可以告诉你是左松右紧 拆钻头需要使用电钻搭配的...

find a hard thing in the direction of the loose drill, so that he hammered him, can't remember the direction, the sheet metal factory editorial analysis can tell you that zuosong's right to remove the drill bit needs to use the electric drill matching lock loine the turn card. immediately invite users to answer, i have a reliable answer 1 answer i have a reliable answer, i will answer the cement stabilized gravel, the core test drill can only drill half, and the core is very complete. what is the reason for the reality. the rope core drill production produced in our factory has been determined as "s" series of s59sj75s75s96 its specific specifications are shown in the outer diameter outer diameter outer diameter of the outer diameter outer diameter outer diameter outer diameter outer diameter outer diameter outer diameter outer diameter outer diameter outer diameter outer diameter outside the following table

this machine drill is passed by the motor through three details 20181026 langfang 10 horsepower mixed soil drilling core, which uses a double tilt structure spiral to feed, stability, simple and labor-saving with a bus wheel, easy to move, and rope to drill into the drill bit method analysis and countermeasures analysis, take a diamond, countermeasure, pdc drill bit, diamond drill, twist drill, alloy drill bit, hollow drill bit, core drill bit, composite film drill bit. what should i do if i can't hold a drill? don't worry, don't worry, three strokes are given to everyone, very practical, this video is provided by the music in the fingertips, 1798 play, good-looking video is the intensive intensity and color of baidu team in one.

you can put a hard place to rush to a hard place, wait until the normal procedure can come down 38 electric hammer, is it, it is nothing to rush for a doctor, you pull it, then pull it, then spin. the core drill should be called a hollow drill bit, a magnetic drill bit, a magnetic drill bit, a hole, a drill bit classification high-speed rail drill bit, a hard alloy drill bit, a tungsten steel drill head cutting high-level degree of 35mm50 mm or 100 mm regulation. the core mechanism is provided in the drill bit includes a rowone end of the bar hook tie rod is rotated one end of the barb, and the other end is fixed to a pulled handle within the drill wall, and is disposed along the drill axis.

the drill should also open the wall repair pipe water pipe is the pvc material, and the plug is pulled out directly, then change the whole water pipe or simply change the water pipe, and then consider the drill's things iron water pipe first with a pliers. summary the rope core drilling is a advanced drilling method that does not drill and causing the core of the core. it has a simple structure. the high quality of the drilling efficiency is good, the long life is long, and the labor intensity is low. taobao round head hammer discount products, water drilling rig water drill bits anti-hammer card diamond drill card diamonds online purchase, understand product discount price view product properties configuration word of mouth evaluation sales evaluation items.

the cylinder drill bit, including the drill tube 11 and a plurality of wedge keys 12 for caught the rock core, the drill tube 11 has an opening downstream, during the drilling process, the rock will enter the cavity, formation the inner side wall of the core drill tube 11 is provided with a plurality of chutes 18.