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what kind of cylindrical drill bit is like a teeth?

Summary: 本专利发明技术资料提供一种取芯钻头,钻头为中空圆柱形钻头钻头内设置有取芯机构取芯机构包括一牵引杆一倒钩牵引杆的一端与倒钩的一端转...

this patent invention provides a core drill bit, and a drill bit is provided in a hollow cylindrical drill bit drill bit, which includes one end of the tubing of the bar hook the guide rod to rotate one end. the technology belongs to the field of core drilling equipment, and more particularly to a hollow drill bit technique for removing cylindrical single crystal silicon, introducing single crystal silicon is a crystal having a substantially complete dot matrix structure, is a different direction. the core drill bit is applied to the advanced machining center using the drill bit by the fine carbide material in order to extend the service life, and the tialn coating is also used to handle the specifically designed geometric blade type to make the drill bit.

patent patent patent type tooth microofold bore dumpable this utility invention discloses a tip ring micro-core drill bit, including a joint matrix blade and cutting teeth, in the forward direction in the forward direction, and a joint. the core drill bit is also called a hollow drill bit, a magnetic drill bit, a magnetic drill bit, an opener, a drill bit classification high-speed rail drill bit, a hard alloy drill bit, a tungsten steel bore cutting high-level degree of 35 mm 50 mm or 100 mm specifications 12 mm to 100. alibaba 5170mm extended fine sand thin mouth jade agate honey wax ivory glass open machine drill bearing device, find 5170mm extended fine sand mouth jade agate honey wax ivory glass open machine drill pepson taobao tmall jingdong asia .

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diamond core drill patent technology, diamond composite slip core drill patent technology, coval drill bit specification patent technology, 75 core diamond drill patent technology, core machine drill patent technology, conlaying. alibaba drill wheel pin icon micro-life mountain stone nuclear carving tungsten steel milling cutter olive rice egg trimming tool blue box car needle, engraving knife, here is a large supplier, buyer, manufacturer, this is the drill wheel pin icon carving tungsten steel milling cutter. the core drill bit includes a drill base and a plurality of carcass mounted on the end surface of the drill bit, which is provided with abrasive particles, and the embodiments of forming a water port according to two carcass improves the product. structure.