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water well rock core drill is changed to the crush (home water wine drill bit)

Summary: 中风压锤低风压锤高风压钻头中风压钻头低风压钻头柱齿钻头水井钻头岩石钻头矿用钻头煤用钻头,欢迎联系洽谈请联系我们杰森岩石钻具有限公...

stroke pressure hammer low wind pressure hammer high wind pressure drill bit wind pressure drill low low wind pressure drill column tooth drill water well drill rock drill bits mine drill coal coal drill bit, please contact us jason rock drill with limited company. the utility model relates to the field of metal stone mining engineering equipment, in particular, a core drill bit utilized for ore rock formation, including cylindrical cylindrical handle and cylindrical core drill bit, handle upper end setting . the core drill bit is now used, and the rock powder produced by the composite sheet cutting in the work rubs the steel body under the composite sheet, so that the steel body is gradually thinner, that is, the "neck" that is usually said so that the support surface of the composite sheet is leisser.

hw230 water well rig rock core exploration drilling rig hydraulic geological exploration machine, eight-party resource network gathered numerous hydraulic water well rig suppliers, buyers, manufacturers this is the hw230 water well drilling rock to take the core. water well drill bidding, providing water well drill bidding announcement information, water well drill bidding announcement renovation, accurate and error-free, winning bidding bidding and other project announcements at any time, real-time handle is in the team. the work of the water well rig is inseparable from the details of the diamond drill with the development of technology, our requirements for the diamond drill used are getting higher and higher, we are in order to achieve the purpose of work.

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recently, the patent application work of shandong institute of minerals and the qingzhan university has been reported to "a rock geological core drill bit" won the approval of the state intellectual property office, and the utility model patent certificate will have a patent. water well drill bit, pdc drill bit, water well drill bit, core drill bit, tooth, etc.