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take the core impact drill bit (drill level configuration chart)

Summary: 买卖机械网旺铺普通会员第7年,公司资料已核实河南中煤机械有限公司郑州分公厂家直销PDC取芯钻头高强度,高耐磨,抗冲击,厂家提供最...

trading machinery network wangpu general member in the 7th year, the company's information has been verified by henan zhonghua machinery co., ltd. zhengzhou branch factory direct pdc core drill bit high strength, high wear resistance, anti-shock, manufacturers provide the most competitive advantage price and latest produce. in order to achieve the core drilling, according to the basic characteristics of the air impactor drilling, the rock mechanical physical properties are designed to achieve good application effect, and the heart drill is divided into two types and double tubes. picture.

marco polo makepolocomb2b platform provides massive selection of core drill battles to take the core drill bit wholesale core drill manufacturer and dealer information, covering the core drill bit picture brand model specification parameters. composite sheet core drill bit impact drill bit detailed page order number zx211, processing customization is, item no. zx211, brand jujiang, model jujiang, drilling diameter mm, drilling depth m.

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hollow drill bit core drill head magnetic drill drill bit opening machinerail drill plate drill bit magnetic drill magnetic drill steel plate drilling drilling rig magnetic drilling magnetic drilling drilling machine iron drill iron plate drill amp hollow drill bit is also called a core drill bit, magnetic drill bit. welcome to taobao strength wangpu, buy extended 100 core drill steel drill head hollow drill bit 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50, the product is provided by the transform department store store, there is a problem to consult the merchant directly.

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technical field the present invention is a drilling area, and specifically, a rope to take a heart impact drill can be widely used in a drilling area of ​​geological oil hydropower coal metallurgy and other departments. background.