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single-hole double tube core with several drills (rope core drill installation demonstration)

Summary: 采用双管金刚石钻头解决了取芯问题 使用双管金刚石钻头来解决核心难题,金刚石钻头制造商江西省作为一个高质量的制造商,成立于从一开始...

the use of double-tube diamond drills to solve the core problem using double-tube diamond drill bit to solve the core challenge, the diamond drill manufacturer jiangxi as a high-quality manufacturer, established from the beginning of the diamond drill bit. 20181203 the drilling sand boat we produce has now been in nanchang. the mainstream is a 14-inch 16-inch coa pump, and the 200400 cubes in one hour are 3,00600 tons.

1 regularly check the part of the part of the concrete drilling core, if there is loose movement, it should be adjusted in time, and the lithium-based grease should be added to the two threads. of course, it is still shanghai. single dynamic double tube should have good single-moving performance, the inner and outer tube weapon connector and the drill bit each connecting part of the liability, the core sample is not curved, and the injury is qualified, and there is no transparent.

the use of a dual-moving dual-tube structure, hindering the improvement of the rock heart quality and the adoption rate, the sleeve drill bit and the void diameter of the drill bit are small, and the diameter of the heart drill and sleeve drill boss is fitted with the gap. small and heart.