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brief introduction to the core of longfu electric water drill

Summary: 路面取芯钻机混凝土水钻机混凝土取芯检测辽宁沈阳注意事项1当出现卡钻时,不允许采用强行起动机器的办法来排除卡钻,而应采用人工方法如...

wood cooling drilling mole concrete drilling mole concrete clearing detection liaoning shenyang precautions 1 when a card diamond occurs, it is not allowed to use an forced starting machine to exclude the card diamond, and the artificial approach should be used to use extended. this is the detailed page of the water drill gasoline concrete drilling core, the detailed page of the road surveying the mold, the order number 1155, brand liao, model hz, product alias road sampling machine, applicable range road drilling core.

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