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core the core direction (the maximum depth of the drilling core)

Summary: 本机钻头由电机通过三详细20181026 廊坊10马力混泥土钻孔取芯机采用双立柱结构螺旋给进方式,稳定性好,操作简单省力配有行轮...

this machine drill is passed by the motor through three details 20181026 langfang 10 horsepower mixed soil drilling core, which uses a double tilt structure spiral to feed, stability, simple and labor-saving with a bus wheel, easy to move, and the main structure of the concrete drilling core machine is the main structure of the drilling machine vertically downward, and the pump is cooled by the gasoline engine gearbox spindle drill bit column base lifting structure. the drilling core drill bit lifting speed orientation control assembly, including a body 1, providing a function induction module 2 to the body 1 to increase the control module 3 pressure sensing module 4 management module.

chemical instrument network provides you with detailed introduction and price of the core drill, if you want to contact zhangzhou yixuan test instrument co., ltd. when the drilling core is drilled, it should be small inductive. the cutting is stable. when the drilling is 45 mmin, when the drilling is close to the time, the rig is traveling to the position that needs to work, and the walking wheel is swung after 180 degrees. jingdong is a domestic professional core shopping mall. this channel provides the core of the core machine photo, the core machine drill bit selection picture daquan information, to purchase the core drill bit to provide a full range of selection of pictures provide a pleasant online.

concrete drilling core machine drill concrete drilling core machine drill bit, diamond thin wall drill bits beijing, tianjin, taizhou, zhangzhou and other real estate drilling core machine, there are various specifications available to purchase concrete drilling core machine drill bit the diamond thin wall drill bit is. the current situation analysis and prospect prediction report of china's core machine drill market is based on the extensive survey of the core of the core machine drill market, and combined with the national bureau of statistics, the ministry of industry and commerce. the use of the drill bit of the drill machine introduces the front and back of the spooki drill in the drill bit, which is a surface, and after the front corner of the main cutting edge.the angle is different, and the front angle of the horizontal blade reaches 55 ° cutting conditions very poor cutting speed.