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drill head with a cutter head (what drill bit of the triangle clip)

Summary: 本实用新型专利技术公开了一种电动打孔钻头用刀头,该刀头在筒状结构自由端的端面上形成有若干个尖顶凸起,避免了使用前开刃的工序,此外...

the utility model discloses a cutter head with an electric punch bit, which is formed on the end surface of the cylindrical structure free end, avoiding the procedure of the front edge, in addition to the head inside. welcome to taobao strength wangpu, buy a river knife special drill knife wooden bead tool carbide tool, a trowel knife, a drill, a drill head, this product is provided by aishang hardware franchise store store, there is a problem to consult. welcome to taobao strength wangpu, buy force hollow drill knife punch finishing financial voucher binding machine supporting tool head 3846 3821 drill head applicable 38883876a3881 punch diameter 52mm 5mm 6mm, this product is from decreme shuangtai monopoly.

the utility model relate to a rotary blown bit structure, including a core tube, an outer tube, an outer tube, a drill body, and another end of the core tube mounting a knife. head, the knife. speed ​​mall is wuxi municipal government procure a one-stop comprehensive solution service provider, focusing on digital class, computer, external setting, network monitoring equipment, office equipment and office supplies, labor insurance department store, and holiday welfare products. electron. alibaba buffi hui shi flower potted water drill roof roof tripet tool head alloy heat, diamond tool, here grasped a number of suppliers, buyers, manufacturers this is kong hui stone flower potted water drill tip roof knife tool detail page of head alloy head.

mi si mi official website provides you with the cost of the spot welding drill, how much the price of the blade is the picture, etc. xinner hardware tools franchise store provides you with a bore, cut, cut, cut, knife genuine quotation promotion comment shopping guide pictures, etc. welcome to xinner hardware tools franchise store drill, cut, cut, cut, knife. patent technology of the present inventionthe drill bit is detachably mounted on the axis o side and the outer peripheral side of the tip end portion of the drill head body 11 that rotates around the axis o side, wherein in the polygonal flat blade main body 1.

the present invention relates to a blade for a drill bit comprising a base comprising a mating surface for mating in combination with a drill bit, extending from the base and having a cutter head, the base being linear. alibaba u drill handle fast drill violent drill bit u diamond bed wcsp blade, drill bit wcsp blade, drill bit, gathered a lot of suppliers, buyers, manufacturers this is u drill handle fast drill violent drill bit u diamond the lathe sprayed with a knife rod.