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drill head chuck drill bit card is dead (the drill drill bit card is not open)

Summary: 电钻头竟然卡住了,是原创类高清视频,于20190504上映视频主要内容电钻头竟然卡住了。手电钻夹头卡死了咋办 在房屋装修中,我们...

the electric drill bit is actually card, which is the original high-definition video, on 20190504, the video main content electric drill bit is called. the flashlight drill collet is dying in the house decoration, we often need to use the hand-drill this tool, which can be used for wall opening, or the inside of the object can also be used, and it is quick and convenient to use. if it is improper, then easy to appear.

the drill drill bit card is not open. if the drill bit is inserted too tight deformation card, you can use the taiwan tiger clamp to clamp the electric drill bit, with a small tube clamp, try the drill bit to take a wooden nut, tap the diamond chuck and the drill bit, and knock in the direction inversion a few times. how to remove the flashlight collet card, on april 16, 2020, from the quiet small dimples to the watermelon video to provide you with hd video, the screen is clearly played, seeing rich high quality video.

electric drill self-lock drill collet card you can use a wooden hammer to gently tap the connecting portion of the drill collet and the drill bit, and then counter the direction of the tap, turn on the electric drill to reverse the speed, usually so slowly take the drill collet. still nothing. the drilling is currently the intensity of the drilling, and the wing has been basically, once in case of the case, it can be used as a tube having a diameter and aperture different from the aperture. the tube is equipped with butter asphalt, and the drill pipe is connected to the bottom, and the bottom of the hole is broken. give it.

hand electric drill collet trip card the electric drill is hugged, and the screw can not be worn. in case of improper use of impact drills, the clutch card will appear. in this case, it can be adjusted to the punching of the punch, and then reversed, turn it up and holds it with hand, and it will be loose more than a few times. death.

hand electric drill collet three claws are not movingbaidu love purchase provides you with the 2020 self-locking drill collet, how to do a zone, including self-locking drill collet, how to do hot goods zone self-locking diamond chuck, how to do hot supplier zone self-lock drill collet how is the card? the drill bit clamping of the electric hammer should be inspected whether the end of the drill end is deformed or the electric drill collet is damaged or not tightened and is not properly installed. it can generally go out. if necessary, replace the drill or chuck, understand the root.

the flashlight drill is locked in the lock. drilling collet directly, electric diamonds easy to screw out the download, first install the client client, 3 times smooth play 1080p blue speed download screw card, how to do diamond collet, the electric drill is easy to screw the woodwork.