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double tool head drill (machine)

Summary: KUBDuon钻头具有双刃切向布齿,槽型刀片可更换,加工时无中心凿点,钻深达5倍孔径,孔径范围为f17¸3~f36¸2,并采用A...

the kubduon drill bit has a double-blade cutting teeth, the groove type blade can be replaced, no centrally chisening in the process, the drill is only 5 times aperture, the aperture range is f17 ¸3 to f36 ¸2, and the abs module is used. double blade drill bit 5,5 25 mm.

welcome to taobao strength wangpu, buy a catering bed seat drill hole double knife drill seat diamond z handle knife holder dual engine jacket diamond tape hole cnc ul, this product is provided by xiaofei shop shop if you have any questions, you can consult the merchant directly. an arcuate double-knife drill bit of a digging machine, which has two characteristics. one is the two-piece digging blade is a curved blade of the outer width inner, which is widened, which greatly increases the blade wear-resistant usage. curved double knife drill tip.

alibaba double-blade straight knife woodworking milling cutter electric wood slot cutter trim machine cutter head engraving machine knife lock hole drill bit, find double-blade straight knife woodworking milling cutter electric wood slotted tool trimming machine tool head engraving machine锣 刀 打 孔 头 淘 宝 天 京 东 东 东 马 马 东 东 东 东 东 东 东 东 东 东 东 马 马what is worth buying a commodity encyclopedia channel to provide you with the latest wanjin double-headed drill a twist diamond related product information, including wanjin double-headed drill twist drill picture, wanjin double-headed drill twisted price, wanjin double-headed drill twist drill how much money, etc. information.

drill diamond 0001 the utility model relates to the field of cutting tools for holes, in particular for a double-edged pcd bick brew, for the background of holes, 0002 twist drill is a widely used hole processing cutter, but the purpose. hansen hanson brand shovel drill plate drill double-blade work drill bit high efficiency drill internal cooling bit wuxi factory product valuation 1000, specification sds.

a double-headed center drill bit comprising a centering diamond 1 and a drilling portion 2, characterized in that the drill portion 2 is provided, and the central portion of the drilling portion 2 is provided with a positioning thread 3, a positioning thread 3. shanghai river foreign late britishhow to write english words how to write example sentences with the twopoint bit similar phrases at the point of adv approach, close to f the swordadv under the violent threat of in point adv, applicable.

the color cloud provides you with custom non-standard tungsten steel drill hard alloy double-edged steps drill spiral step drill bit shaped drill beachable picture, seller, shop, price and other related information. hansen hanson brand high efficiency drill bucket drill double-blade work flat drill fast diamond u drill diamond product valuation 2200, specification sd.

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