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qingdao knife head drill (diamond composite film mine drill factory)

Summary: 青岛鹏金翼贸易有限公司办公室,公司主营丝锥 钻头 铣刀 刀片 刀杆 夹头丝锥钻头铣刀刀片刀杆夹头等,公司位于三0八国道625号。...

qingdao peng wing trading co., ltd. office, company main silky drill milling cutter blade cutting rod chuck tapered drill head milling knife knife rod chuck, etc., the company is located at no. 625. qingdao na and electromechanical technology co., ltd., the company mainly engaged in milling cutting machine, etc.

cnc milling spindle accelerator large drill bit cnc equipment special regulator grinding machine aids and other professional marketing taiwan xinwei european cnc vertical horizontal gantry type and other cnc machine tools, in the past few years, manufacturing mold manufacturing machine manufacturing. qingdao runhao xiang industry & trade co., ltd., the company mainly engaged the drill saw blade sleeve batch drill saw blade and various non-standard tools and the car tools hardware tool head hardware products, etc., the company is located on no. 270 weihai road, this the company is withdrawn.

qingdao is prioritized tools co., ltd., the company mainly engaged the cutter drill bit tap of shovel, etc., the company is located on the no. 8 road, new york road, qingdao baoli. if you are interested in our company's product services, please contact us, qingdao kun.

full diamond drill bit category qingdao tungsten steel tool recycling, high-priced alloy tool recycling, qingdao scrap tungsten steel drill, qingdao recycled tungsten steel watches, is often used in air bed tools to shock drill drill glass. qingdao tongkun hardware electric co., ltd., the company's main cnc tool milling cutter tap drill bit cnc blade milling blade car blade westerner tools pneumatic components emperor solenoid valve cylinder hydraulic valve tool milling tapered drill head blade.

tool milling cutter drill supplier qingdao haiwos industrial co., ltd., specializing in the cutter milling cutter drill industry massive milling cutter company tool company consumption cutting tools in china machine network. qingdao cnc tool recycling bladesilver drill head knife cutter, qingdao city high-priced recycling cnc blade mountain tvik, mountain high, kenner, walter, isca, pan, mountain, sumitomi, big dagan, camans.

qingdao jimke industry and trade co., ltd., the company mainly engaged the cnc tool, the cutter, the drill bit, the company, etc., the company is located in the east girlshan community of liuting street. online shops in qingdao winner electromechanical co., ltd., qingdao winner electromechanical co., ltd. provides a cnc blade, a vertical mill, a drill bit, a reamer.

127 diamond drill bit welcome to china suppliers to learn from the supply of qingdao drill milling cutter threaded tool laser marking machine prices in qufu city gold laser technology co., ltd., supply qingdao drill milling cutter threaded tool laser. milling cutter, tap, drill supply, qingdao february trading co., ltd.

qingdao bestes hardware tools co., ltd., the company mainly engaged a variety of hardware tools such as drill ribs and other hardware tools and hand tools, various drill ribs, and the company is located in xuzhou road 98. spring.