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twist drill bit sales cutter head hollow alloy (machining center tungsten steel drill speed feed)

Summary: 麻花钻头一刀具定义刀具是用于铣削加工的具有一个或多个刀齿的旋转 硬质合金铣刀是一种用钨钢硬质合金,又称之为钨钛合金制作的刀具c雕...

the twist drill bit defines the tool is a rotary hard alloy milling cutter having one or more tool teeth for milling processes is a tungsten steel cemented carbide, also known as a tungsten alloy made of tool c. welcome to taobao strength wangpu, buy straight handles twist diamond full tungsten steel hard alloy drill bit cnc tool eac drill bit delta drill bit this product is provided by tb's small shop store, there is a problem to consult the merchant.

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changzhou saimi tools co., ltd. specializes in selling alloy anecules series products. the company has a good market reputation, professional after-sales and technical service team. with years of continuous technological innovation, we will welcome domestic and foreign customers, welcome to call. briefly introduce the hard alloy hollow bit cut 35mm unit unitmm has a solid clamping force, and better ensuring that the drilling stability and the drilling precision diameter is 40mm and the following is a single hole straight corner, and appropriate.

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