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can be on the head of the head (welded tungsten steel drill bit)

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isca chamiqdrill can change the cutter head isca hcpiq knot head, concave arc surface self-care, maximum drill 12xd isca three-blade hard drill bit scctacp3, super powerful powermill 摆 摆 t tank isca. china net library provides you with comprehensive information of diamond cutter drill manufacturers. technical field the present invention belongs to the technical field of drilling tools, which refers to a risoted bitmail bit, which can replace a drill bit background technology 0002, and a cutter head and a drill body, and when the drill is used.

background of the invention the present invention relates to a drill bit, in particular, involving a drill bit of a replaceable tool head structure, mainly used in holes in the machining industry, belonging to a hardware processing tool background technology 0002 existing markets. the present invention relates to a replaceable tool head drill bit, there is currently no high processing precision, high mounting accuracy, stable cutting, and cutting tool of the cutter head, a cutter head, a cutter, including a knife knife. although the cutter head is oncesex use, but still reduces the type of tool cost-convertable drill bit, so extended and more targeted methods can be provided by or universal solutions to meet or optimize the drilling of holes.

reinterposed blade drill bit this drill bit with an invertable blade is a real "multi-face", which processes the steel and cast iron material until stainless steel and difficult-cut material chain hole machining inclined surface or spherical surface. xiamen shangjin tools co., ltd. provides non-standard knife access-based drill bit to the drill bit inserted insert drill bit, abandoned drill bit, the transpositional drill bit super-resistant sharpening type hyperbolous ultra high precision according to the map can be produced spacer. the utility model is specifically referred to as a drill bit that replaces the cutter head, which is the technical field of drilling tools, including the drill pipe and the cutter head. the end of the drill pipe is provided with a cutter head fixation slot, and the cutter head fixing groove is v-type. the cutter head fixing groove.