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inscribed entry with a round hole diamond hollow bit

Summary: 本实用新型专利技术提供了一种用于取出圆柱形单晶硅的空心钻头,包括钻头本体和钻头固定杆,钻头本体包括顶盖和柱状空心筒形的钻筒,顶盖...

the utility model provides a hollow drill bit for removing cylindrical single crystal silicon, including a drill body and a drill head fixing rod, a drill body comprising a top cover and a columnar hollow cylindrical drill tube, and the top cover corresponds to. the hollow drill bit for a sampling of the present invention, the alloy cutter head 4 is drilled, and the radius of the inner cutting tip 11 to its axial core line thereof is equal to half of the sample diameter of the sample. shaped drill shank 9 one.

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a diamond bit comprising a cutter head 1, a steel body 2, and a joint 3, characterized in that the cutter head 1, the steel body 2, and the joint 3 are sequentially connected, the cutter head i is a cylindrical shape, said. the utility model discloses a diamond steel hanging drill bit, including the main rod, one end of the main rod, by the connecting block, with a working rod, one end of the working rod, has a groove, and a first broken head is provided in the groove, and .

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hollow bore rod and anti-collapsed hole making method the present invention discloses a hollow cylindrical diamond membrane drill bit and a method of preparing a drill bit that is uniformly distributed with a small groove, a diamond film in a slot. small slices with metal by welding. a micro-nano-heart diamond bit, characterized in that the thin-walled round tube, the outer surface is provided with a threaded groove, and the rear end is fixedly connected to the outer device, and the front end is the micronine core diamond drill bit of the displaced blade portion. as the front end of the blade portion.

51intci e21b1046 rrombu 54 summary dry diamond evolution drill bits 57 abstract the present invention provides a dry diamond hollow drill bit, which is suitable for construction construction, housing change. the present invention relates to a drill bit, in particular a dry diamond hollow bore, a diamond inlayed part characterized by a tooth abrasive component, is suitable for construction construction, house renovation, soda water oil system pipeline and municipal construction walls. drilling.

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1 diamond drill diamond drill is divided into stone hole processing and circular arc surface processing for granite marble and other materials such as concrete and other drilled processing, with a multi-core body of diamond hollow bore.