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impact the drill head down the head (the electric hammer burned a repair value)

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welcome to taobao strength wangpu, buy hit drilling head and punching the chisel flat head alloy head electric hammer brazing k head shovel sharp flat four pit open handler shovel, this product is provided by the shop store of manto department store if you have any questions, you can consult the merchant directly. impact drilling holes in the system with an impact drilling machine or hoisting machine suspension hit the drill bit and the rushing impact on the hammer, crushing the hard soil or rock formation into a hole, some of the slag and mud into the wall, most of which become muddy.

when the impact drill is working, there is a regulatory knob at the drill head, which adjusts ordinary flashlight and impact drills, but impact drills are hopping with each other with the inner shaft to achieve impact, and the impact is far from the electric hammer. so, why did the drill bit of the piling have fallen, and the ghost can pick up the construction party to try to pick up the drill bit, but there is no way, they can't work according to the original design, sometimes it will encounter some geological ratio.

impact drill card how to take it out of the wall from the wall with shock drill on the wall, the ceiling reinforced concrete wall, i can't pull the drill bit, i can't pull it out. is there any method? its main technique is characterized by the multi-tool head drill head to take a circularization. there is no central resistance when drilling, and the fine drill rod can alleviate the drill bit from the weight and reduce the diameter of the drilling tail, so that it can be applied to general impact drills.

bosch bosch impact masonry drill tungsten carbon alloy cutter head original attachment 3 5 8 support, electric tools, power tools, impact drills have been received, quality is really good, with online introduction. impact masonry drill 1 series is suitable for drilling in a brick wall structure to quickly drag, while tungsten carbon alloy cutters effectively improve the wear resistance of the drill bit this product is suitable for brick wall structure and limestone it can be combined with impact drill.

the present invention relates to a tool technology, in particularthe impact drill bit, including the cutter head and the cutter, and the cutter head is provided below the handle, and is connected to the knife, which is characterized in that the upper end of the knife is tapered.