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impact drill bit is changed to a cutter head (how to change the drill bit video)

Summary: 小伙把钻头改成这样,还挺实用的,你知道是用来钻什么的吗,是生活类高清视频,于20180619上映视频主要内容小伙把钻头改成这样,...

the guy changed the drill bit to this, it is quite practical, do you know what to drill, is a living hd video, on 20180619, the main content of the video is changed to this, it is quite practical. the tianyuti patent network provides you with a drill patent information that replaces the cutter head. this patent is a registration patent of taizhou huada tube manufacturing co., ltd., which is a drill bit that replaces the cutter, belongs to the drilling tool. . impact drill and electric hammer diam have different, it is easy to cause misunderstanding. 1 shock drill is a flashlight with impact function. it is usually used by drill tips that are three-clawed. steel knife.

patent patent patent application this utility model discloses a multimodal impact drill bit, which includes a drillstone 1 drill rod 2 and a cutter head 5, one end of the drill handle connecting the drill pipe, the cutter head is a plate-shaped and a word or cross-shaped is arranged in the drill pipe. . yellow pages 88 network provides the latest impact drill alloy tool head-related machine prices information company manufacturers, where you can view and publish shock drill alloy cutters related price companies and institution information. press and hold the screen mobile window no longer appear on the lower right corner of the page to play the plugwork bore mill, the old drill bit is directly into a new drill bit, which is really easy to download the client client privilege.

cold weapons, daggers, military, and a long-term drill bit how to become a beautiful dagger, you will know this video. the color cloud provides you with impact drilling connector drill head clip electric hammer converts flashlight connector round handle four-pit round head multi-function picture, seller, shop, price and other related information.