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hss drill head with alloy cutter head (hss high speed steel hardness)

Summary: 很好,很多硬质合金插入 + HSS Spade 钻头适用于可转位工具山特维克 Kennametal 物品状况 New – Ope...

very good, many carbide inserts + hss spade drills suitable for convertable tools mountain tvik kennametal new - open box "nos" end date bid price us $ 8200. hss titanium titanium nitride plating layer, drilling speed is increased to 2 times, and the amount of insert is 15 times, and the service life is 5 times suitable for carbon and alloys for drilling strength 1000 nmm2 or less.

tauce grinding, suitable for hot-proof steel and cold processing steel, there are a variety of samples of the wide range of water, and have been provided for diantuo tools trade shanghai co., ltd. alibaba bochi hssco-containing cobalt-containing equipped metal tinner, superhard, stainless steel metal, thin plate, pallet, hand, electric drill, to find bosch hssco-containing cobalt-containing plumbing alloy drill super hard stainless steel metal iron sheet punched flashlight drill special taobao tmall jingdong.

welcome to china supplier to learn about the development of the south korea yg drilling tsui hss drill tungsten paste drill price, expanding south korea yg. alibaba double-headed hss stainless steel special cobalt-containing twist diamond aluminum drill head iron hole hole open device, drill bit, here is a number of suppliers, buyers, manufacturers this is the double-headed hss stainless steel special cobalt rigid aluminum alloy drill iron punch.

alibaba factory direct alloy inner cold drill head hss step drill alloy flat drill alloy drill bits wholesale, drill bit, gathered a lot of suppliers, buyers, manufacturers this is the factory direct alloy internal cold drill hss step drill alloy flat drill. after titanium plated, the hardness of the drill bit can reach the hrc68, and the workpiece can drill hrc48 2 plated titanium, wear-resistant and anti-high temperatureincrease the life of the drill bit 3, the drill bit after titanium plated, can reduce the red heat of the drill bit.

hss generally uses straight shank high-speed steel drill bit d1101 lead angle 118 ° 510 packs according to the number of discounts product catalog yg1 yg1 suitable for steel, cast steel alloy and non-alloy steel, deep hole drilling and graphite for cast iron, canuel cast iron. safety precautions hss hsd overview safety precautions warning to avoid security accident hidden dangers, please note that the following security regulations are carefully read before using this product.

shenzhen tianbao xingye trading co., ltd. show you in detail in the uk *** skm 50mm imported cutter black drill bit hss-containing cobalt 5% twist drill bit pictures, and recommends this shop with the same type of uk *** skm 50mm imported tool black gold drill bit.