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how to grind the twist blew to the wash head (50 large drill bit grinding video)

Summary: 如何磨麻花钻头资料,麻花钻头磨法图解,麻花钻头的磨法视频,怎样磨麻花钻头,麻花钻头的磨法,磨麻花钻头的方法,3294花钻头怎么磨...

how to grind a twisted bore, twist drill bit grinding, a twist drill, how to grind a twist bit, a molar of a twist drill, a method of grinding a hemp drill, how to grind, twist drill grinding. jingdong is the grinding online shopping mall of the domestic professional twist drill. this channel provides the mood of the twist drill bit, the molar price of the twist drill bit, how much is the moltrians of the twist blew, how much money for you to buy a full range of twist drills how is the grinding method.

is this still experienced, what kind of drill is to be worn out, it is good to drill, is there a petroleum drill pdc drill a twist drill bit drill supply price and purchase price. generally, the grinding bits are all grinded into twist drill, and the tips are generally grinded into a r-type n-type. in fact, the twist drill can grind the four diamond x-type r-type n-type n-type, in fact, the drill bit is grinding into these meaningless big, everyone knows.

master teaches you how to grind the drill the edding of the twist bit is carried out by the worker's hand-held drill bit on a grinding wheel. this sharpening method is high for workers' technical level, and is low-profiling efficiency, it is difficult to effectively grind high quality drill bit. the new drill bit created by schleff, the geometric shape of the high-speed drilling drill bit is taken. figure 1.

re-opening the window to play the download, you need to install the client client 3 times smoothly play 1080p blu-ray speed download the twist drill bit is made, many people have never seen it, look at the growth of the machining process. multi-therapeutic process, how many people have used, is a living hd video, on 20180102, the video main contents of the twist drill bit manufacturing process, how many people have used.

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