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how to grind the drill head (diamond deep hole grinding machine break)

Summary: 次播放,好看视频是由百度团队打造的集内涵和颜值于一身的专。的钻头磨完‎了,还不知‎其所以然‎只有少磨多‎看,多分析‎多理解, 磨...

sub-playback, the video is the desired intensity and color value created by baidu team. after the drill bit is over, i don't know if it is only less grinding, and more analyzes more understanding, the waves produced by grinding. it can also study how to look at how to look at it, it is reading internet.

# drill, is the original hd video, on 20190329, the main content of the main content mold, the master teaches you to quickly grind the drill, this method is simple and practical, did not tried the old iron quickly tried # 头 # model. the fitter, teaches you to properly grind the drill bit. these tips let the drills are fast, this video is provided, 2284 play, good-looking video is a collection of intensity and color of the baidu team. professional short video .

when the drill is cut into the grinding wheel, first make a small amount of edge grinding, and pay attention to observe the uniformity of the spark, adjust the pressure in the hand in time, pay attention to the cooling of the drill bit, can not let it grind, resulting in a cutting color . these small skills let the drills come quickly and better to install the client client privilege 3 times smooth play 1080p blu-ray speed download the fitter old master teaches you to properly grind the drill bit method, these small skills let the drill and fast.

how is the drill bit? today, i will teach you a small skill of a grinding bit. let's learn together, download the client client privilege 3 times smoothly play free blue speed download with mobile phone scan the qr code to tencent. the bit angle of the drill bit is the same as that of the drill bit. it is not a long-term iron pin. it has been dried in a long life. only in this grinding, it is simple and quick to process for a long time. only this grinding bit is simple and fast. 2017 06 .

the rear angle of the drill is generally 1014, the rear angle is too thin, the edge of the drill is too thin, the vibration is large, the hole istriangle or pentagon, cutting fiber, small angle, drill bit axial.