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high-speed steel drill bit and knife head profit contrast (tungsten steel drill bit and cobalt-containing bit)

Summary: 虽然不是用来做刀具,但也在极端业余条件下弄过高速钢分享几点浅薄的经验1白钢硬度很变态,做刀锋利度和保持性没问题,就是韧性差点我截...

although it is not used to do tools, it is also in extreme amateur conditions. it is also very common in high-speed steel. 1 white steel hardness is very metamorphosis, doing blade and profitability and retention, there is no problem, but the toughness is almost 1cm. high-speed steel blade tip drill bit, zhang xiaoyu tool technology 1979 no. 03: online reading article download the blade drill bit solves the rishes of the tips in the drilling, and has achieved better results in the production. the angle is more famous than china. the tool material commonly used by the fitter has two major categories of high-speed steel and hard alloy. when the extratenate is small, including the car cooker drill head reamer pulley threaded comb knife rolling head milling cutter

the high-speed steel leading center drill bit is in accordance with nas986 standards, which is used for the tool for aerial processing. bi wei is a professional tool, milling cutter, tungsten steel, cutting tool manufacturer, is committed to manufacturing excellent products, and is customary. tools with high-speed steel, cutting capacity to screw the speed electron power fuel consumption measuring instrument in the low-speed limit screw to the tool cutting portion of the engine itself. compared with the cemented carbide, the hardness is low, the toughness is good, easy to process complex shapes, sharp edges, the sharp edges are advantageous, such as aluminum, titanium alloys, etc., the hard alloy, high hardness, toughness .

a slightly higher b slightly lower c equal d is not limited to give the correct answer and analysis, thank you for the reward 0 answer bean asking person 64 **** 19 this test was accessed 3552 times, was viewed 2895 times. the stronger the holding force, the weaker the sharpness of the cutter head, the weaker the palm gripping force, the stronger the sharpness of the cutter, the faster the exposed speed of the diamond particles, the more serious friction wear and the impact wear, so the particle falling speed is also change. supported by the supporting plane, limited to 7 degrees of freedomwhen the tool diameter is 10 mm, the spindle speed is 820rmin, and the cutting is 56 mmin.

with regard to the use of a wide range of high-speed steel fine spectral bits, in order to advance their stiffness, a state of tissue named austenite because the tool scissors have shear items, must have sharpness, must have sharpness must have a certain hardness class is stainless. drilling different materials, high-speed steel drill, saver equipment machinery, 2003, 2003, magazine, ... wide.