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diamond drill pack welding (diamond composite drill bottom welding)

Summary: 一种金刚石钻头焊接辅具,包括旋转底座5固定底座6分度辅具3及压紧盖2,其特征是旋转底座5和固定底座6通过轴承连接。专利金刚石钻头...

a diamond drill welding aid comprising a rotating base 5 fixed base 6 degrees aid 3 and a compression cover 2, characterized in that the rotating base 5 and the fixed base 6 are connected by a bearing. patent diamond drill head tool head auxiliary welding workload keyword diamond drill bit, cutter head source china super hard material network abstract application number 6 main classification number b23k3704200601 applicant.

the monthly salary of the master is welded in the diamond knife, and the advanced welder should not be learned. it is a living hd video, on 20171018, the video is the main content of the month, the monthly salary is in the diamond cutter head. dongguan hao feng lee tool co., ltd.

in addition to brazing of diamond heads, diamond tool head welding equipment can also be used, such as a welded diamond knife of various hardware tools. technical field the present invention relates to a petroleum drill binaural welding device, which specifically involves an oil drill diamond cutting device platform and a welding method background.

diamond water drill head how to solder on a drill drill in a high-frequency welder high-frequency welding machine to prepare the drill body welding surface before welding the diamond composite sheet, to remove the oil definition and removal of oxide, and then use . the average person really can't do this, the diamond knife head welding, the old master has a salary of 10,000, this video is provided by the chicken with seafood, 3164 play, good-looking video is the intensive intensity and color of baidu team.

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