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brief introduction to the drill head of the alloy cutter head

Summary: 加长陶瓷墙壁三角钻合金玻璃瓷砖水泥钻头麻花钻六角柄由万斯唐专业销售,双II大促最新雕刻刀系列平底尖刀平底柱刀双刃铣刀AAA单刃铣...

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small diameter tungsten steel drill, non-standard drill bit, step diamond offer ¥ 3500 seller contact my hard alloy milling cutter, high-speed steel, saw blade, long drill bit, special long lineage, please contact us to let the seller contact me in the spot mass . dongguan benkang precision knife co., ltd. is a non-standard precision cutter production enterprise, which is integrated with r & d production services, is a rhinestone, ladder diamond, internal cooling bit, high-speed steel deep hole drill., tap, water spray drill, high performance cutter for long drilling. the utility model patented patented technology relates to an inner-cooled blade lengthening shovel, the internal cold changer head extension, including a shovel drill bar and a dishody, the blade, the blade, the blade, and the shovel rod tighten the connection.

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jingdong jdcom provides you with professional extension of hard alloy drills, which is a special user purchase from the long-term collections of hard alloy drill bits. special customized gun drill can be processed 1524mm, deep hole with a depth of 5080mm, although the gun drillthe amount of transfer is low, but the amount of feed is given per minute is equal to the total amount of each minute, which is equal to each transfer, by the tool or workpiece rotation, because the cutter head is manufactured using a cemented carbide. ball head milling cutter, wave blade milling cutter, aluminum knife, stainless steel special milling cutter, drill bit sealing drill bit double spiral inner cold drill spiral hinges non-labeled blade, alloy round rod 2 welding alloy molding series non-standard welding alloy composite molded knife large diameter.