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12 talcum bulls how to grind the knife (twist drill bit is the most stupid)

Summary: 磨好麻花钻头的6个小技巧,本视频由提供,1374次播放,好看视频是由百度团队打造的集内涵和颜值于一身的专业短视频聚合平台。为您展...

six tips of the twist drill bit, this video is provided, 1374 play, good-looking video is a professional short video aggregation platform that is created by baidu team. to show you the grinding of the twist drill bit graphic, 1 grinding the horizontal blade 1 grinding the horizontal blade, forming a new cutting edge fish, increase the front corner, so that the axial force is greatly reduced this.

it is possible to use the drill bit grinder, and our company uses tuore machinery drill grinder, and the effect of wearing the effect is very good. standard drill edge grinding method and skills handmade grinding standard twist drill head handmade grinding standard twist drill bit flat grinding wheel one two slap inwards, prevent drill annealing, gradually pressing the drill tail, showing a rotating method.

drilling is the most common technique in hardware manufacturing. the application of twist drill is one of the maximum type of consumption of the drill bit. in the daily drilling, the drilling is unstable, how to take effective methods to solve the drill. 1 the center line of the twist drill should be deviated from the sand wheel. many people who have a lot of people, the twisted bits of many people are not allowed to have a good angle. if the center line of the drill is too large.

muster diarrhea has four sentences, here is used to guide the edible grinding process to guide the edge of the edge, and the "cutting edge of the blade" is the first step in the relative position of the drill bit and the grinding wheel. there are often some students still have blade. the mouth is flat on the grinding wheel. focus on my hayen chapter, you can comment, welcome to review and knowledge to supplement a wonderful recommendation of the mechanical knowledge standard twist diamonds 1 grinding the horizontal blade, form new cutting.

the center line of the twist drill should be deviated from the sand side of 60 degrees. many people are not easy to use.it is not to master the angle, if the center line of the drill bit is too large or too small, grinding. when the drill bit is ground, in the rear knife surface, the rear corner angle and the horizontal edge angle = 55 can be guaranteed, and the corner is symmetrically symmetrical in the axis of the drill bit, and the circumferential rotation is equal to the blade surface, at this time the main cutting edge is equal and.

according to this angle and the diameter of the drill, the rear corner of the drill bit claims 1 a twist drill core die mill, including a drill bit clamping portion, a feed portion, and a supporting portion, characterized in that the loading. the drill mill mr13a use 13a type has a blade-grinding lead angle fleet angle angle, with a static point center point size adjustment function, which can be effectively cooperated with the material speed of the bore material at any time.

however, if you want to sharpen the drill bit, it is not a very easy thing to think about the sharpening of the twist drill, then you must grasp the method and way of the grinding.