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what kinds of diamond drills (imported diamond drill bit)

Summary: 金刚石工程钻头分类方法有多种,常见到的主要有以下几种方法一按用途分类工程钻以工程建筑施工为其主要用途,这类工程钻规格很多,用量最...

there are a variety of diamond engineering drills. there are many ways to have the following methods. our diamond drill is divided into ordinary enhanced ultra-strength, carcass material is 42crmoa, the main application of rock hardness ordinary application rock hardness is below f6, and the reinforcing f8 level is below, and the super strong can be reached. diamond drill bit classification _ energy chemical _ engineering technology _ professional data diamond drill classification terms table inlaid diamond diamond drill bit classification about diamond drill bit, according to the purpose, can be divided into comprehensive drilling.

a steel cylindrical drill body of the interpretation diamond bit, the upper car has a wire buckle, and the lower sintered a drill carcass, the diamond particles are slightly larger than the outer diameter of the carcass on the surface of the drill carcass. diameter. diamond drill path diamond drill life and diamond drill life and diamond drill bit price, let's take a look at the price of diamond drill by the use of diamond drills. the type of diamond drill bit has a large number of rocks in the drilling, and the rocky changes are large. therefore, it is necessary to have a variety of performance of the drill bit, and the adaptive strong diamond bit of the rock formation must be adapted to the rock resistance, if use.

therefore, it is required to have a variety of performance of the drill bit, and the adaptive strong diamond drill bit must be compatible with the rock properties. if you choose correct, you can get a good drilling effect. if you choose to choose, not only the drilling effect is not good, or even other . when drilling in a soft and hard staggered layer, it should generally select the type of drill bit according to the hard rock, which is in a soft diamond material drill bit, a diamond material drill bit, the entire drill bit, no movable parts, the main.