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what is the hardness of diamond drill (what drill bit for hard rock)

Summary: 金刚石钻头的胎体硬度与岩石硬度相对应,要求胎体硬度与岩石硬度相匹配才能达到最好钻进效果,厂家不同钻头设计不同,同样岩石用的钻头胎...

the carcass hardness of the diamond bit corresponds to the rock hardness, requiring the fetitive hardness to match the rock hardness to achieve the best drilling effect, the manufacturer's different drill bits are different, the same rock's drill carcass hardness is also different, pdc drill point adaptability comparison. china drill trading network drill hardness high wear resistance is the advantage of high wear resistance, and the diamond coating is the *** option of graphite processing ***, and *** can reflect graphite *** superior use. the diamond hardness has directionality, and the hardness of the octahedral surface is greater than the rhombic duodenal crystal surface hardness, and the rhombic duodenal crystal surface hardness is greater than the hexagonal crystal surface hardness in accordance with mos strs hardness scale.

the hardness of the diamond drill determines the hardness diamond bit of diamond drill, there are many kinds of natural artificial single tube or double tube directional drilling to take a heart mine mine or oil well or related to it. and diamond drill bit hardness invincible drilling drill bod goddess for you, more technical problems, please call 4008122707 2016310 invincible diamond drill bit extract editor, water well rig drill geological exploration machine. our diamond drill is divided into ordinary enhanced ultra-strength, the carcass material is 42crmoa, the main application of rock hardness ordinary application rock hardness is below f6 level, the reinforcing f8 level, the super strong can reach the f10f12 grade drill bit.

deciding diamond drill hardness diamond composite drill bits there are many species, such as natural artificial single tubes. drill carcass hardness is an important technical indicator, and the hardness of the drilling, the hardness of the drilling, the abrasive resistance of the carcass hardness directly affects the improvement of the drilling technical economic indicators and the choice of drilling process parameters showed that the drill fetus body.