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what can be grinded by diamond bites (hard alloy drill bit)

Summary: 金刚石钻头使用方法“地大金石”牌金刚石钻头使用说明“地大金石”牌钻头主要运用热压法低温电镀法制造地质工程用钻头石油钻探金 刚石钻...

diamond drill bit how to use "ground golden stone" card diamond drill bit instructions "land big gold stone" brand drill bit mainly uses hot pressing method low-temperature plasket manufacturing geological engineering drill oil drill diamond drill bit. diamond drill is widely used in metal material stone or concrete geological exploration and other brittle material drilling fields, but the prior art diamond drill bit is not satisfactory, and the drilling is not high, the drill bit is made.

the rock effect of diamond drills, except for external factors that affect rock resistance, such as pressure temperature formation fluid properties, the drilling voltage is an important influencing factor, and the rock is broken. diamond drill bit with an invincible drill to explore the diamond bit, ten years old brands, good quality, fast feet fast, effect exposure to the cayken diamond drilling machine under the angle, tempered crystal, can not be, tempered crystal.

the diamond drill bit of this patent application may be a pdc cutting element, or a pregnancy-inlaid-reducing element, such a drill bit can be drilled in high-developed high hardness stratum in high-developed grinding elements. broaden the drill bit. improving a few points of practical life of diamond drills, yang zifang rice, 62 diamond drills, flat.

in a mining area, the test work drilled into a complex and hard and crushed formation in a mining area. since the launch of the december 1974, the two production drilling holes have been completed, and 328 devices are started. 77222 meters, people. wear stage and replacement principles of diamond drill bits, христов li qiang foreign geological exploration technology 1991 no. 05 online read articles download.

the diamond drill bit causes the diamond composite sheet on the drill bit due to the unevenness of the formation, and the drilling feeding is slow to speed up the drilling speed of the full well, and must be replaced in timediamond with an old drill.