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star border material gun and diamond drill bit (how to upgrade the star border material gun)

Summary: 星界边境starbound中钻头有着极大的作用,玩家在挖掘时,钻头绝对是第一首选 今天小编就给大家介绍星界边境starbound...

the border of starbound has a great role in starbound, and the player is excavating, the drill is absolutely the first choice. today, xiaobian will introduce the star border starbound drill upgrade raiders to upgrade your drill. players can pick up the tasks of the screech of the ethnic clues, many players don't know how to scan, and xiaobian will simply say for reference. sharing star border main line tasks various raceline items collected, let's take a look at the scanning tasks of esther. when the material gun is pointed to, the effective unstead of scanning clues are present.

"drill enhanced mod" is a tool to strengthen mod, making the drill bit more useful, and can still bring higher mining reception in the later substance gun. then follow the j tracking task, first get the material gun, remind, take the things inside the boxes in the boxes, will give you a little more helpful to repair the spaceship, first don't worry, place where the spaceship falls. the starbound star border weapon level and the rare level high damage is higher than the purple can be upgraded, and there is no difference in other things, and don't blindly worship the legendary weapon.