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focus diamond drill bit structure diagram (composite diamond drill bit)

Summary: 本公司宗旨是以人为本,诚信至上,靠科技谋进取,凭赢天下,金刚石pdc钻头现货,同等产品比质量,同样质量比价格,焦作金刚石pdc钻...

the company's aim is to people-oriented, integrity, relying on science and technology, with winning the world, diamond pdc drill bits, equivalent products than quality, same quality ratio price, jiaozuo diamond pdc diamond business network. the operation of the diamond drill bit is eating into the formation, cutting the rock under torque, and the cutting depth is substantially equal to the process of eating depth of diamond particles, as "plowing", said the plow of diamond drill. this paper focuses on two related issues, one is the selection of technical parameters such as diamond quality, particle size concentration of carcass, etc., how to refer to foreign parameter values, reasonable.

the utility model relates to a new type of wear-resistant diamond bit, including steel body and external threaded tubes connected to a integrated structure, and the patented information information of the jiaozuo tianbao zhenxiang machinery technology co., ltd. is a new wear-resistant diamond drill bit. yan guo diamond drill wei county yanguo mining equipment co., ltd. former wei county drilling parts factory, mining diamond drill, is a professional manufacturer of mining drill drill pipes, built in 1990, has more than 20 years of historical book. today is a book search diamond drill technology, diamond drill bit structure design, diamond drill information source internal technology compilation published, the latest on the shelves, the electronic book is taken after payment, and the delivery is not required.

patent abstract the present invention relates to a spiral tooth step spray diamond bit, including a drill steel body and a diamond working layer disposed on the end of the drill bit, and the drill steel body is integrated with a tubular structure and a diamond working layer. the utility model provides a high-efficiency diamond drill bit, including connecting rods, mounting bases, auxiliary drill bit structures, cooling drills, and main diamond structural threaded connecting rods soldered in the mounting base, auxiliary drill. abstract is a diamond drill bit 1 footinch and tolerance diamond drill bit generally define negative abatons during manufacturing, while the gerbera drill bit is to avoid the diamond drill bit when it avoids the diamond bit when using a diamond bit.

the utility model relates to the design area of ​​the drill bit, and the specific diamond drill bit background technology is a cutting edge, called a diamond bit, the drill bit, the entire drill bit does not have an active component, the structure is relatively simple. if you are interested in our company's product services, please contact. diamond drill and sleevers diamond drill the specifications and structure of diamond drills are very stringent. all countries have national standards. the drill specifications are in the outer diameter of the drill, which is as follows.

local mechanical properties and pregnancy film diamond drill structure parameters, shikunshan exploration project 1991 no. 01 online reading articles download.