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items containing 220 diamond drill bits

Summary: 钻头是用来进行钻孔使用的,一般的钻头用在家庭装修还行,但是用在岩石等坚硬物品上就不见得能坚持多久了,而金刚石钻头就正好可以使用在...

the drill bit is used for drilling, and the general drill is used in home decoration, but it is not seen to persist in hardware such as rock, and the diamond drill is just in this environment, diamond drill bit. not only long use time, you can also reuse, the use of diamond drill bits that returns to the factory and the use of the factory diamond drill bit are similar, which can save a lot of drilling costs.

diamond drill specifications model

diamond pdc bolt drill bit

is also known as rock drill bit, anchor hole drill bit, two wing diamond composite drill bit, in the coal mine drilling area is mainly used for roof support, anchor the drilling well before the anchor support, in the field of geological exploration, can be used in hard stratum and medium-hard rock formations, slope support and other projects, main models include 28 30 32 knife wings in the form of two wings, composite sheets the form is a combination of one or half of the single-side blade, and the composite sheet is 1304 flat 1304 ball 1305 flat 1305 ball 1304 conical teeth.

diamond pdc care drill

also known as the core drill bit, aqueous drill bit, steel drill bit, steel pdc drill bit, is made of nickel, chromium, molybdenum alloy machining. after heat treatment, the bore is drilled on the drill body, and the human polycrystalline diamond composite sheet pdc is pressed into (tightly fit) the drill binder, and the tungsten carbonated by columnar tungsten carbonation. mainly used in coal mines to explore, explore the use. common knife wings are three wings, four wings. the composite sheet is a single-sided knife welding 1304 1305 1308 half sheet, a plurality of pieces, a full sheet composite sheet, an intermediate column welding 1304 1305 composite sheet, a single-sided knife welding engagement gold tension strip.

diamond pdc sintered body drill bit

is also known as a hard rock bit, a water drill bit, a carcass drill bit, a sintered body drill bit, a carcass diamond composite (pdc) drill bit is brazed by the diamond composite sheetwelding square welding a cutting drill bit on a drill carcass. the carbonated tungsten powder is sintered with a tungsten carbide powder, and the human polycrystalline diamond composite sheet is soldered on a carbide tungsten carbide. it is used in the form of a natural diamond. the common knife is in the form of a three wing, and the form is 1304 1305 1308 half sheet. multi-piece, all-chip composite sheet can be divided into flat-top sintered body, inner concave sintered body drill bit, mainly used in the hard rock drilling in the deep hole drilling of the coal mine, relying on the cutting of the fetoid's hard and pdc composite sheet, reaching hard rock and broken rock gaps.

diamond pdc scraper drill bits

is also known as rock drill, exploration drill, tower drill bit. the scraper drill bit is in the form of a steel body. the upper slag cutting tool is a tower shape after the soldering of the iron plate. its use and the concave drill should be basically uniform pdc drill bit to have a better drilling and slag effect knife for the medium soft coal seam. the wing form is mostly three wings, and the hair teeth is performed according to the size of the diameter, and the composite sheet is more than 1304 1305 half-piece full piece.

diamond pdc replenored drill bits

is also known as the guide drill, open a drill bit, sell the drill bit. its main type is combined by a plurality of internal recess bits for a large pore follow-up after a hole. the diamond-guided drill bit is also a kind of expansion drill bit. it is a circular steel machine machining guide head, and the upper attachment diameter is performed, and the cutter is left under the cutting. common specifications are: φ75-φ113φ94-φ113φ94-φ153φ94-φ260.

diamond drill classification

diamond drill base by use classification

engineering drilling by engineering construction for its main purpose, this type of engineering drill has a lot of engineered, the maximum dosage, has formed a special primary product series industrial drill with a drilling, the core is the main purpose, mainly for the processing of the product, such as the pulling of the wide silver wide lens, the ferrous wafer of the silicon wafer, etc. sample drill is mainly used for materialssampling analysis, such as large graphite electrodes, refractory brick analysis.

diamond drill bit is classified by its manufacturing method. a ferrule can be preceded to the steel body, or it can be directly hot in the steel body. the electroplating method is similar to the process of manufacturing the electroplating drill bit. electroplating can be divided into epitaxial growth method and conventional law.

diamond drill based on the diamond classification

natural diamond engineering to drill with high quality natural diamonds as cutting materials, mostly used in building materials, construction industries. artificial diamond engineering drill with high quality artificial diamond single crystal for cutting materials, mostly used in optical, chemical industries. china's thin-walled diamond project drill bit is late, and has not yet developed national unified standards. the manufacturing plants provide a specifications of the market according to the needs of the market.

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diamond drill bit according to the abrasive material of the drill carcass

the abrasive can be used in the carcass, generally one of the materials, ie artificial diamond single crystal, natural diamond single crystal, artificial diamond polycrystalline, diamond composite. specifically, various drill production materials are specifically distinct:

1, artificial diamond drill bit: use abrasive as a diamond single crystal;

2, natural diamond drill bit: use abrasive for natural diamond single crystal;

3, polycrystalline sintering drill bit: use abrasive for diamond polycrystals;

4, composite drill bit: the abrasive is a diamond composite.

although all kinds of diamond abrasives have their specific adaptation range, the most extensive is the most widely used diamond (single crystal) drill bit. due to the user's title habits, everyone generally refers to a diamond drill bit in a diamond (single crystal) drill bit.

diamond drill bit by the mosaic mode of abrasive in the branch of the branch

will pass different meansdiamond grinding is embedded in the carcass, thereby manufacturing different types of diamond drills.

1, pregnant diamond bit

pregnancy diamond drill bit (hereinafter referred to as diamond bit) carcass

2, the table inlaid diamond bit

table inlaid diamond drill bit is also a diamond single crystal, diamond polycrystalline or diamond composite.

3, the rotary drill bit

ranker drill is the drill bit in the drill bit, and the mutual rolling powder of the mutual rock is in the middle of the core. such drilling is widely adapted to rock hardness, especially for soft until hard rocks, but requires intact formation and consuming construction.

diamond drill press

diamond drills can be used in building materials, construction industries, can also be used in some drilling equipment such as ground, rocks.

diamond drill bit method

one. the diamond drill is prepared before, and checks if a diamond bit is damaged by a diamond bit, and the teeth, etc., determine the bottom of the well, and forage.

2, be careful to carry the diamond drill bit, place the diamond drill bit on the rubber pad or on the wooden board. it is forbidden to put the diamond drill directly on the iron plate.

3, check whether the diamond bit cutting teeth are damaged, there is a foreign matter in the diamond drill, and there is an o-seal in the nozzle hole, and the nozzle is installed as needed.

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ii. diamond drill, buckle

1, clean the diamond drill bits or female buckle and apply silk buckle oil.

2, put the shift card on the diamond drill bit, put down the drill string to contact the non-staple or female.

3, put the diamond drill bit and the shift device into the turntable, then tighten the wire buckle according to the recommended buckle.

ii. down diamond

1, put the diamondthe drill should be slow, through the turntable, anti-sprayer, the sleeve suspension, especially slow to protect the cutting teeth.

2, pay attention to the encountering section when the drill is last drilling, and the drill should be slowly passing when the diamonds and dog legs are encountered during the drill.

3, when approximately 1 single root in the section, starting with 50 ~ 60 rpm drilling speed and opening a rated displacement rinsing well.

4, pay attention to observation that the weights and torque make the diamond bit smoothly contact the bottom.

four. diamond drill bit is eye-catching

1, does not recommend using diamond drills to perform well.

2, if you must take your eyes, you should slowly and low torque.

5. diamond drill styling

1, keeps rated displacement, put the diamond drill bit to the bottom.

2, use slowly to take at least 1m to establish a well-bottomed model.

3, with an amount of 10kn increase to normal diamonds to the best value, it is strictly forbidden to pressurize, causing the prime destruction of diamond drill.

4, keep the drilling constant adjustment of the drilling speed to achieve the best drilling parameter combination.

six. diamond drill is normally drilled into

1. when encountering strong grinding or hard sand mudstone, the drilling rate is reduced to extend the life of diamond drill.

2, adjust the drilling speed and diamond drill bit to maintain the best drilling performance when the formation changes or mezzles.

3, each time you pick up the following points:

3.1 restore the pump rush and check the pressure pipe pressure.

3.2 the pump is opened in front of the diamond bit contact well, and the diamond drill bit is slowly lower at 50 ~ 60 rpm.

3.3 slow recovery to the original diamond bit, then increase the drilling speed to the original drill.

on-site use certificate, diamond drill bit is drilled in soft-middle hard formation, there is a speed, high cost, long service life, smooth work, less accident, and good quality of wells. the diamond drill is not only used for a long time, but alsore-use, returning to the factory-repaired diamond drill bit uses the same as the factory diamond drill bit, which can save a lot of drilling costs.

diamond drill life

diamond drill life heel heel rapid, drilling efficiency, using local materials, usage, and subsequent maintenance.

diamond drill bit price

the price of diamond drills is related to different use specifications, manufacturing methods, manufacturers brand and other factors, from dozens of hundreds of hundreds of pieces of thousands of pieces, everyone should make decisions according to their needs .