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electrical diamond drill production process (composite film drill factory)

Summary: 本发明涉及一种金刚石钻头的制造工艺,特别是用于地质岩芯钻探工程基础钻进混凝土取样的金刚石钻头的制造工艺它是在常温下,采用电镀方法...

the present invention relates to a manufacturing process of diamond drill bits, particularly a manufacturing process for diamond drill bit for geological core drilling engineering base drilling concrete sampling, which is prefabricated in normal temperature. background of the invention 1. field of the invention the present invention relates to a field of geological drilling tools, which is exactly a low temperature electro-plating composite body diamond drill bit and a manufacturing process of this drill.

guilin sanyou diamond industry co., ltd. has experienced sales team and production technology research and development team, consistently adheres to the technical concept of "surgery with practices", adhering to users to mutually beneficial. the present invention discloses an electroplating diamond drill bit and a preparation method thereof, which has a wall thickness of 04 to 06 mm, and the working layer is 26 to 32 mm, and the diamond particles are 5060 to 70.

diamond treatment was cooked for 30 minutes with salty acid to wash it to a neutral carcass, and then wipe the oil to remove oil. the hydrochloric acid is immersed and redisulfuric acid electrolytic activated carbon is electroplated, and 12a is flat. environmentally-friendly production, it is necessary to study the electroplating process of diamond drill bits to study the electroplating process of a diamond drill bit. the pretrection of the second electro-plated diamond drill bit is performed during the diamond plating of the drill bit.

938, a secondary molding electroplate drill bit manufacturing process, the present invention relates to a manufacturing process of diamond drill, in particular a diamond diamond for joining concrete sampling for geological core drilling project. provide comprehensive "electroplated diamond drill bit" related literature download, thesis summary free inquiry, electroplated diamond drills the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the

the utility model patented technology is a plated hive knotthe rigid diamond bit is composed of a steel body and a working layer, the working layer is a force skeleton with a metal honeycomb structure, and the conductive sheet is surrounded by a honeycomb structure as an internal and external. the utility model relates to the technical field of diamond drill, namely a composite electroplating diamond bit, including a drill steel body, and a polycrystalline diamond composite sheet is also soldered in front of a drill bit, and features are in the.

there are many methods for manufacturing diamond drills, and the overall score of two classes are set to have two classes of pregnancy. now, according to the different manufacturing process, it can be divided into cold pressure impregnation hot press sintering and non-pressure impregnation low temperature plating and electric.