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diamond drill, where is the formal (composite film drill)

Summary: 金刚石钻头 刮刀钻头 水井钻头 组装钻头 油用牙轮钻头 经营模式 生产加工 公司地址 金刚石钻头,金刚石钻头,金刚石钻头,金...

diamond drill bit scraper drill bit water well drill bit assembly drill oil oil with a diamond drill bit, diamond drill bit, diamond bit, diamond drill bit, gold business model production processing setup time 20071205. anyang huatian mining equipment former anyang county north guo drill factory is located in the seven old ancient capital, anyang, the junction of the three provinces of jinyu, is beautiful, and the 107 national highway, beijing-guangzhou railway, beijing-zhuhai expressway, nanban, jinlu expressway inexpensive.

inner huanghongfa mining co., ltd. is a professional manufacturer of various mining drill drill pipes. the factory has a medium-sized machining equipment such as a variety of intensity drills, such as a word cross column toothed wind drill bit. . developing a relatively high-tech enterprise with brazing steel brazing, the drill bit of the diamond composite film produced by our factory, the wear is high, the mine diamond drill is high, and the vomiting is fast, and it is praised by the majority of users.