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diamond drill industry description (diamond drill specifications and pictures)

Summary: 钻头的主要作用钻头钻头是钻井设备的主要组成部分,其主要作用是破粹岩石、形成井眼。旋转钻头是目前石油行业普遍使用的钻头,在机械的带...

the main role of the drill bit

drill bit

drill bit is the main part of the drilling equipment, its main role is to break the rock, form a wellbore. the rotary drill bit is a commonly used drill bit in the oil industry. the rotation of the drill bit will cause rotation under the driving of the mechanical, so that the entire drill bit produces a center of movement, and the rock is cracking and broken by aggressive. effect. the drill bit is one of the main drilling equipment. according to the working environment, the geographical environment, the specifications and shapes of the drill should also be different. when performing oil drilling, the specific design should be based, reasonable, scientifically choose a drill bit. in the specific drilling work, scientific selection of drill bits, reasonably determine the drilling fluid, thereby improving the work efficiency of the oil drilling, and the quality of work, in order to make the oil drilling better to promote the development of the oil industry. contribution.

classification and select the drill bit in the current oil industry has many kinds, with different drilling mode to classify the drill bit, can be divided into diamond drill, and the gear drill bit and the scraper drill bit, these three drills are the most basic drill bit form. in these three drill bits, the most common, most extensive one is a gear drill bit, and its application is also relatively deep. the three drill bits are compared, and a drill bit with a minimum range of use is a scraper drill bit.

drill's application of oil drill in the petroleum industry is an important tool for oil drilling. it is used to drill oil when mining oil, and its working performance will directly affect drilling quality, drilling efficiency and drilling costs.

drill is one of the important tools for oil drilling, whether the drill is adapting to the nature of rock and the quality of its quality, which plays a very important role in choosing drilling process, especially for drilling quality, drilling speed, drilling costs. generate a huge impact, pthe dc drill is a wide range of tools widely used in today's oil and gas exploration and development industry. it effectively improves the mechanical drill, shortened the drilling cycle

jin li hengcai real material detailed

production drill bit material - the introduction of -20crnimo20crnimo

20crnimo is a grade of a alloy structure specified in china's national standards.

unified number code: a50202

implementation standard: gb / t 3077-1999

20crnimo chemical ingredient

carbon c: 0.17 ~ 0.23

silicon si: 0.17 ~ 0.37

mangng mn: 0.60 ~ 0.95

sulfur s: allow residual content ≤0.035

phosphorus p: allow residual content ≤0.035

chrome cr: 0.40 ~ 0.70

niode ni: 0.25 ~ 0.30

molybdenum mo: 0.20 ~ 0.30

copper cu: allow residual content ≤ 0.30

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20crnimo mechanical properties

[heat treatment]

quenching heating temperature (° c): 850; coolant: oil

temper heating temperature (° c): 200; coolant : empty

tensile intensity σb (mpa): ≥980 (100)

yield strength σs (mpa): ≥785 (80)

elongation Δ5 (%): ≥9

section shrinkage ψ ( %): ≥40

impact power akv (j): ≥ 47

impact toughness αkv (j / cm2): ≥ 59 (6) brinell hardness (hbs100 / 3000) (annealed or high temperature tempering state): ≤197

delivery status: treatment (normal, annealed or high temperature back) or non-heat treatment status delivery, deliverythe state should be indicated in the contract.

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20crnimo main characteristics 20crnimo steel primary american aisi, sae standard steel number 8620. the hardenability performance is similar to 20crni steel. although the ni content of 20 crni steel is half the steel in the steel, the upper portion of the austenite isothermal transition curve is added to the right; and the hardening of the steel is still very good, the strength is still very good. also higher than 20crni steel.

is commonly used in manufacturing gears in small and medium-sized cars, tractors, and gears can also be replaced by 12crni3 steel manufacturing requirements with high permeable carbonaceous, cyanide, such as petroleum drilling and metallurgical open pit. tooth and dental body of the wheel drill.

20crnimo can be resistant to a certain temperature due to a good overall performance due to molybdenum removal. gear rotor internal combustion engine connecting rod steam door section for making steam turbines.

20crnimo round steel is high, no refresh crisp, welding is quite good, and the tendency to form a crack is small, and the cutability and coldness have good plasticity. generally, it is used in the conditioned or carbon-free quenching state, widely used in the oil drill industry.

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20crnimo application

in other industries

is often used to make gears in small and medium-sized cars, tractors, and gears in the transmission system, can also replace 12crni3 steel manufacturing requires high performance carbonaceous parts, cyanide, such as petroleum drilling and metallurgical open-pit mine tooth claws and dental body. the well-known manufacturer of the

drill industry today, in the world drilling market, a well-known company, which is dominant in the bore manufacturing technology and production, dbs (hailiburton's secarity dbs) company, smith (smith international) company and reiter (hycalog tool-reed) company four

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