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diamond drill bar nanp (how much is the drill bit patented)

Summary: 0,一种金刚石钻头及其制造方法,本发明涉及一种金刚石钻头及其制造方法,包括普通金刚石钻头的工作层和分布在工作层上的烧结体,所述。...

0, a diamond drill bit and a manufacturing method thereof, the present invention relates to a diamond drill bit and a method of manufacturing the same, including a working layer of a normal diamond bit and a sintered body distributed on the working layer, said. central south university science and technology development corporation, the company mainly engaged in the diamond drill, the company's telephone 8607310, the company is located in zhongnan university of technology, the company mainly engaged in the company, the company, the company, the company, adhering to "customer first, forge ahead".

diamond drill bit can be equipped with geological drill rod geological spiral drill rod three-riser rod welded rib drill rod body engraved drill pipe, etc. the diamond drill bit is basically introduced that this document belongs to the technical information of the quality document courseware. please contact the author document format doc document page 5 page document size 530k document thermal document classification document.

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jiangxi nanchang gold drill drill balley, domestic minimum profit diamond drill factory, diamond drill bits # 75 = 150 yuan, # 91 = 190 yuan, # 110 = 260 yuan, wholesale diamond drill diamond composite film drill head welcomes. the main role of diamond drill is to cut, and its structure is simple and high wear resistance. it has a strong impact resistance. when drilling in a middle and hard layer, the speed of fast-moving a lot of life is more advantageous. in addition, the diamond drill can be repeated.

diamond composite film drill bit long vacan cuisine drilling machinery co., ltd. has a diamond drill bit, diamond reamer and various drilling materials. it is a manufacturer integrating scientific research, production, processing and sales, and drilling equipment 0731. jin xinhai single tube reamer, used for the diamond of drilling during the drilling process, and preventing the well-to-face-resistant and horizontally impact, 75, 91, 110, 130 this product profits weibo, not special the situation is not.

there are a variety of diamond engineering drills, and there are many main methods, which are commonly used.