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chengdu di pujinzhi drill telephone (holder drill bits)

Summary: 技术员介绍职位描述1负责协助上级完成新产品的设计与研发,对已有产品进行改进2参与产品工装工艺方案的制定3配合销售部生产部做好材料...

technician introduction position description 1 responsible for assisting the design and development of new products in the superior, the development of the existing product is improved 2 participating in the product tooling process 3 with the sales department production department to do materials. different guarantees can make the drill bit with different properties such as spiral conservation, which can reduce the occurrence of drill bit rotation, so that the pdc drill bit is more stabilized in the drilling process. chengdu di pujinzhi drill co., ltd. has more than 17 years of research and development. the advanced manufacturing technology of dip drill allows us to provide these large steel body drills, providing durability, reducing torque fluctuating, maintaining stable and reducing sliding time without affecting the best choice for efficient surface expansion. .

chengdu 易 金 金 石 头 有 公司公 公司 location information and map positioning city bar use vr panorama shooting technology to record chengdu hd real shot street image, showing you around chengdu easy king kong mold co., ltd.. sichuan wanji diamond drill co., ltd. is an independent professional company company with first-class professionals, with a wide range of technical exchanges and collaboration with colleges and abroad. chengdu dijinzhi di drill co., ltd. has recently launched a new type of anti-mud pack steel rapid drill bit. the drill bit uses dep company's unique super attack cloth teeth design technology. high-efficiency hydraulic flow design technology. bag.