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back bolts dry hanging punch diamond drill bit (back plug-in)

Summary: 余姚市固锐机械设备有限公司,主营石材背栓打孔机,金刚石背栓钻头,公司地址位于浙江宁波,联系方式09181,如果您对我公司的产品服...

yuyao qigui machinery equipment co., ltd., mainly engaged in stone toll punching machine, diamond back patch drill, company address is located in ningbo, zhejiang, contact information 09181, if you are interested in our company's product services, please contact us, yuyao city . when you contact me, please say that the motorized home is given to you.

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xinyi table back pusher alibaba baliles back tied drilling machine-made stone back tied punch drill drying hole ceramic plate back tolle hole drill bit, flashlight back bolts drilling machine. back tied punch to use how large drills shanghai xinfish sincerely answer back toll punch drill bit, first divided into a rotary back toll and knock back toll bits, and also divided into m6 and m8 model, if you encounter.

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